About Me

IowaAllow me to take a few minutes to explain a very important service to you- Skip Tracing. This is a term used to indicate investigative work that specifically entails locating people. There are a myriad of reasons why an individual, the police, a lawyer or the representative of a corporate establishment would seek such services.

Before I explain this further, let me tell you that for 25 years now, I have been working as a private investigator, and skip tracing has been my specialty. In this time, I have located subjects for the various types of clients mentioned above. From law firms to genealogy researchers and from the Denton Sheriff’s Office to realtors, I have worked with them all and others. Now, let me explain how skip tracing serves a variety of needs.

  1. When initiated on behalf of a law enforcement agency or any establishment that is linked to the criminal justice system such as a legal practice or bail bond service providers, it usually involves locating criminals on the run. More specifically, I have done locates to find people who have skipped town after getting bail and most wanted criminals.
  2. On the civil side, lawyers who work in probate and family courts usually call for my services, asking me to find heirs and litigants who have dishonored the divorce settlement granted to their ex-spouses and wards.
  3. In the commercial arena, skip tracing services are needed by realtors who want to know about home ownership details, starting at the first owner along with his/her contact information. It is also required by asset repossession agencies that want to locate loan defaulters.
  4. For private clients, the investigations are conducted with the purpose of finding relatives, friends, partners and colleagues. Apart from this, private clients and genealogy research services also often request details on hereditary illnesses in a family.

In addition to these clients, I also work with the Unclaimed Person’s Network, an agency for which I find the next of kin of decedents. These cases, I take on free of charge because hundreds of decedents go unclaimed each year simply because there is no contact information available for their friends and family.

You too can avail my services to find near and dear ones you are no longer in contact with. Call me and we can discuss your case further. To learn more about skip tracing, download this report for free: How to find any public records