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Crime statistics may reflect a great deal regarding active warrants for arrest. In Black Hawk County, Iowa, there are about 5100 crimes each year, most of which are property crimes (home thefts or car thefts). However, violent crime does occur, and each year there are nearly 600 victims of violent crimes. Arrests for crimes often are not immediate, meaning that there will be numerous outstanding warrants for arrests in Black Hawk County at any time.

A search for Black Hawk County arrest warrants may be the product of an individual’s fear that a dangerous individual is not in police custody. It may be motivated by simple curiosity (although such interest is not condoned). Alternatively, it may be because an individual has reason to believe that there is an active arrest warrant with their name on it.

Black Hawk County, Iowa, makes it easier to obtain warrant information than many other IA counties. To perform an unverified warrant search, go to and search by name, address, issue date, and/or charge. Alternatively, the site provides a list of outstanding warrants available in alphabetical order, by the issue date, the charge, or by the amount of bond.

The Black Hawk County Sheriff also maintains an online list of the most wanted individuals in the county. The list includes names, identifying data, the charges against the person, and a photograph. The list is updated frequently, and when a listed individual is taken into custody, they mark the record as “captured.”

Arrest records for Black Hawk County are also easily obtained. The web page is very similar to that for warrants searches: either search a list using names, dates, and charges or perform a “Who’s in Jail” search. The arrest record data is available on another page of the same site maintained by the sheriff,

If a statewide search for criminal records, arrest records, and warrants are required, the best course of action is to access the DCI (Division of Criminal Investigation) in Des Moines. An Iowa criminal history report costs only $15.00.

Is it possible to obtain information about Black Hawk County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)  

  • Call the Black Hawk County Jail Main Office’s phone number to learn about recent arrests: (319) 291-2515.
  • Call the Sheriff’s Office to ask for arrest records and police reports: (319) 291-2587.
  • Call the Clerk of Court for judicial records: (319) 833-3331.
  • Call the Black Hawk County Attorney’s Office to reach Victim/Witness Service Coordinator: (319) 833-3001.

Crime statistics of Black Hawk County

In 2019, the Black Hawk Sheriff’s Office received 143 criminal complaints, as opposed to the 172 cases received in 2018. These included 123 property crimes and 20 violent crimes.

The property crimes category included 48 larceny thefts, 58 burglaries, and 17 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 20 aggravated assaults.


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