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One of the reasons why you should consider getting a Wayne County arrest warrant search done is because it is very simple to conduct such inquiries and the amount of data given in response to such investigative efforts is truly vast. For example, when you go about trying to find details on active warrants, you will also be told about the arrests in the name of the subject.

Similarly, a background report will include information on detention directives that have already been served through arrests and Wayne County outstanding warrants that remain unexecuted. Apart from this, you can procure details on the charges levied against the subject, the court disposition of a criminal case, incarceration details and more.

Actually, if you take your inquiry to the office of the magistrate, you will even be told about the other legal directives that the subject has in his name such as bench warrants for arrests, summons and subpoenas. The county clerk’s office has its own unique way of offering crime history data.

They allow applicants to browse through their court dockets database by using the public service computers in their office. These systems are connected to a central repository of case records. So, through them you can look for Wayne County arrest records as well as active warrants. To find these agencies, go to:

  • The Police: 207 N Lafayette St, Corydon, Iowa 50060
  • The court: 100 S Franklin St, Corydon, IA 50060
  • The clerk of court:

Wayne County, Iowa has long been known as an areaof the state which has exceptionally low crime rates, with annual incident figures that don’t even cross into the 70 case mark. Between 2003 and 2008, there was opposite movement in the trends of reported and violent crimes. While the former decreased by almost 85% , there was a rise of nearly 30% seen in the latter.

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