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If you need to get an arrest warrant search done in Mitchell County, IA, why not go to the police? The office of the sheriff plays a myriad of roles in the crime handling process of the area. We are all aware of the efforts they put into maintaining the neighborhood’s law and order situation.

Deputies of the agency make arrests where required, serve active warrants issued by the local tribunals, place the request for these directives, hold the arrestee in custody till he can be escorted to court, and manage the transportation of the accused from the detention facility to the courthouse while the matter is undergoing trial.

So, it is obvious why the sheriff’s department would be one of the best offices to start your inquiry on Mitchell County arrest records and outstanding warrants. Of course, there is no harm in visiting the county clerk’s department or the magistrate’s court. You may even get more information than what is on offer from the office of the sheriff.

For example, the clerk’s court dockets database has details on civil cases and criminal matters. The magistrate’s office keeps information on releasing even those directives not served by the cops, such as criminal summons. So, you do have loads of choices when seeking details on Mitchell County arrests and outstanding warrants.

  • The sheriff: 532 State St, Osage, Iowa 50461
  • The magistrate: 508 State St, Osage, IA 50461
  • The clerk of court: Given above

Less than 100 criminal incidents are brought to light each year in Mitchell County, Iowa. Of the total number of complaints lodged, about 7% are against instances of violent crime. From 2002 onwards, there has been a marginal increase in the area’s crime rates, with reported criminal activity showing a rise of almost 25% and nearly 36% in violent crime numbers.

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