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A good way to launch an arrest warrant search in Cass County, IA is to approach the office of the county clerk. While the police and the magistrate have more significant functions when it comes to the release of active warrants, the clerk of court’s office performs an indispensible role in all judicial processes; that of keeping the court dockets.

These are transcribed details of what happened while a matter was in trial. Because the issue of an arrest warrants from Cass County signifies the entry of the state in a criminal matter, the pre-warrant hearing itself is considered the starting point of a case. So, a deputy from the office of the county clerk is available in court to record the session details when the police present their evidence before the magistrate.

The clerk also receives information on arrests when the police send the active warrant back to their office or to the court. Subsequently, the presence of the department is maintained at all tribunal sessions through one of the clerk’s deputies. This is not just done for criminal courts but also for the civil tribunals of the judicial network.

So, when you need to find out about Cass County arrest records as well as local outstanding warrants, a trip to the county clerk would be recommended because you will also be able to access information on civil cases against the subject through this agency.

  • The office of the sheriff: Crthse 5 W 7th St, Atlantic, Iowa 50022
  • The court of the magistrate: As above
  • The department of the county clerk: As above

The Cass County, Iowa police have been unable to control the burgeoning rates of crime in the area. Violent criminal acts alone have increased by over 80% in recent years and overall crimes have shown a similar growth amounting to about 50%. Every year, nearly 180 crimes are reported in the area and approximately 5% of these are violent acts.

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