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So, you are looking for an arrest warrant search in Kossuth County, IA? If you answered that with a resounding “yes,” be prepared to put in the requisite groundwork. The police and the judiciary require applicants interested in information on arrest records and active warrants to approach them in person or through the mail. The point of this exercise is to ensure that they don’t inadvertently hand out sensitive information to the very people who they are trying to hunt down.

To this end, all applicants have to go to the office of a judicial agency or the sheriff’s department with a photo ID in hand to conduct arrest warrant inquiries. You will need to offer information about yourself at the agency office, including contact details and data on the subject. A fee will also have to be paid on a per search basis.

In response to your inquiry, you will be told if there are any Kossuth County active warrants and arrest records in the name of your subject. All criminal matters that have ended in a guilty verdict will be addressed, but information on outstanding warrants that are yet to be served may or may not be handed out to everybody. If you approach the county clerk’s office looking for information on warrants and arrests, you can also find the civil court dockets.

  • The Police: 114 W State, Algona, Iowa 50511
  • The court: 114 W State St, Algona, IA 50511
  • The clerk of court: Given above

How do you connect with law enforcement agencies over the phone for a Kossuth County warrants search and arrests-data? (Checked in 2021)    

  • 515- 295-9277 – Call for information about recent arrests.
  • 515- 295-9419 – Call for victim’s assistance
  • 515- 295-3514 – Call for details on warrants
  • 515- 295-3240 – Call for initiating a search for judicial records

Crime statistics of Kossuth County

In 2019, the Kossuth Sheriff’s Department dealt with 38 criminal complaints, as opposed to the 29 cases registered in 2018. These included 32 non-violent crimes and 6 violent crimes.

The non-violent crimes category included 8 larceny thefts, 22 burglaries, and 2 motor vehicle thefts. Of the violent offenses, 3 were homicides, and 3 were rapes.

Older crime statistics

The annual crime rate of Kossuth County, Iowa stands at less than100 incidents; the number of violent crime incidents reported in the area is about 8% of this figure. Although there has been a rise of almost 50% in violent crime rates, overall criminal activity showed a stupendous three-figure drop.

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