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As with most information searches undertaken these days, anyone performing a Marshall County arrest warrant search hopes to find the information they need with just a few keystrokes on their computer. Unfortunately, outstanding warrant searches for the county are not quite that simple.

According to the county’s Sheriff’s Department, a web application for searching online for active warrants in Marshall County is developing. For the present, inquiries about outstanding arrest warrants should go to the county sheriff’s records division. The Marshall County, IA, Records Department keeps criminal records, court files, and crime reports information. Their information stockpile includes crime data, arrest records, property theft, and missing persons. They also have criminal history records for everyone detained in the county. The records department distributes such information as needed and as requested.

The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department’s phone number is 641.754.6380, and they are located at 2369 Jessup Avenue in Marshalltown, Iowa. Requests for reports from the sheriff’s office cost $5.00. Requests should be sent, along with the fee and a self-addressed stamped envelope, to the previously listed address, ATTN: Records.

The County Sherriff’s records department is required, by statute, to maintain certain information on arrests and criminal history records in Marshall County. So they are one option for obtaining information about the arrest of a particular individual. However, the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) maintains criminal history records at their facility in Des Moines, Iowa, generally up to a person’s 80th birthday or death, unless the seriousness of the crime warrants longer retention. Throughout the state, sheriffs and police departments must send to the DCI fingerprint records for anyone arrested for serious misdemeanors and felonies. All counties must also have their clerk of court update the DCI once a case is complete. Without such information, the DCI cannot maintain an accurate criminal history file. Because of this, DCI makes no guarantee as to the arrest or incarceration status of any individuals. Furthermore, the DCI records do not include information on simple misdemeanors or simple traffic violations. However, more severe traffic infractions (including OWI) would be included in their records.

The DCI search tool is available at The DCI’s information is likely the most comprehensive and wide-ranging data available on criminal histories and backgrounds. Despite any qualifications regarding their office’s ability to provide accurate and current files, the DCI site is the best bet for arrest and criminal history information.

How can you get a copy of an arrest report or information on outstanding warrants from Marshall County over the phone? (Updated-2021)     

  • To learn about recent arrests and active warrants, contact the Sheriff’s Department at 641- 754-6380.
  • To get help for a victim, contact the Marshall County Attorney’s Office at 641-754-6314.
  • For a case search and judicial records, contact the District Court Clerk at 641-754-1603.

Crime statistics of Marshall County

Approximately 135 criminal complaints were filed in Marshall County in 2019. Around 94 were for property offenses such as larceny-theft (49), burglary (31), and automobile thefts (14). Among the 42 complaints filed against violent crimes, there were 39 incidents of serious assault and 3 cases of rape.


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