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An arrest warrant search for Guthrie County records may yield surprising results.You just have to really want to search for the data you need.However, you may not like what you find if you are named in an outstanding warrant.Unlike other areas, Guthrie County has no online list of active warrants in the jurisdiction.Not many crimes take place in Guthrie County (only about 235 per year, of which a couple are violent), but there are bound to be outstanding warrants from time to time in even the most peaceful communities.

For material on outstanding warrants in Guthrie County, and, possibly, also arrest records data, try contacting the sheriff’s office:

  • 200 North 5th Street, Guthrie Center, IA 50115
  • Phone: (641) 747-2214
  • Fax: (641) 747-3346
  • Email:[email protected]

The sheriff does have a webpage ( but it contains only basic information about the office along with links to various law enforcement resources.Nonetheless, since the sheriff handles many arrest warrants, they are an indispensable source of information.One link on the Guthrie County sheriff’s page is to the state of Iowa’s Division of Criminal Investigation.At the site,, criminal background searches are possible, and so information on arrests and arrest records may surface.However, there are some restrictions and fees attached to doing any online searches.The restrictions are fully enumerated on the site.

At the Iowa Judicial Branch website,, it is possible to search for information on cases in the state of Iowa, including by a party’s name.Additionally, by searching the online court dockets records, you may be helped by information regarding case titles and filings, criminal charges, dispositions of cases, all for no charge.However, to obtain more detailed information which may be necessary to complete an outstanding warrants search for Guthrie County, you will likely need to pay a $25 monthly registration fee, at which point you will have access to the judgment index, lists of exhibits and bond information.

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