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In Clay County, an arrest warrant search can be done through the clerk of the court’s office just as well as the sheriff’s department or the magistrate’s court. One of the reasons why the clerk of court’s office figures on top of the list is the sheer amount of information the agency can offer in response to an IA crime history inquiry.

While most applicants expect to find the low down on Clay County arrest records and outstanding warrants from a background search, few believe that it is also possible to get details on civil cases through such an inquiry. And, that is where the office of the county clerk can surprise.

Because they are the official record keepers of the judicial network, they maintain the court dockets’ repository, which details all cases that have gone through the state’s judicial hierarchy. Another unique benefit of approaching this office is the price advantage for the applicants.

You will have to pay a small fee to get the active warrant search underway, whether you enlist the help of the police or a private agency. However, the clerk of the court’s department will let you scour through their database on your own. So, there will be no charges for the information, but you will need to pay for printouts. The addresses of all state agencies which will search for warrants and arrests on your behalf are listed below.

  • Law enforcement: PO Box 7957, 3121 West 4th Street, Spencer, Iowa 51301
  • Judiciary: 215 W 4th St, Spencer, IA 51301
  • County clerk: PO Box 7306, Spencer, Iowa 51301

Will state agencies provide arrest records or information on warrants issued in Clay County over the phone? (Updated-2021)     

  • For questions about active warrants, please contact the police department at 712-262-3221.
  • To inquire about recent arrests and inmate arrest records, dial the phone number of Clay County Jail – 712-264-4242.
  • For information about victim’s assistance, call the Clay County Attorney at 712-262-8641 
  • To learn about criminal case court dates and criminal judicial records, contact the Court at 712-262-4335.

Crime statistics of Clay County

In 2019, about 24 criminal complaints were filed in Clay County. About 11 of them were for property crimes like larceny-theft (3), burglary (7), and car theft (1). There were 12 cases of serious assault and 1 case of rape among the 13 complaints filed in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

Half of all criminal incidents in Clay County, Iowa, occur close to the victim’s workplace or home. Fortunately, only three criminal cases are filed each year in violent matters. That is just 1% of the area’s annual crime average, which stands at over 370 cases. The lower than typical violent crime figures can be attributed to the drop of almost 50% seen in this type.

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