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A Carroll County arrest warrant search should not be an inquiry you conduct once in a blue moon. Frequently checking for IA active warrants in your subject’s name can tell you about what a person has been up to. Because DUI arrests and even detention orders like bench warrants usually issued in civil matters are reported in a background check, this sort of inquiry should be conducted at regular intervals.

As far as outstanding warrants go, once these are issued, they are rarely recalled. The three scenarios which may lead to the dismissal of a Carroll County arrest warrant include:

  • The death of a suspect
  • When the probable cause against the alleged offender no longer holds valid
  • If the errors in a warrant infringe on the constitutional rights of an accused

Because all three scenarios seldom occur, once an arrest warrant is issued against a person, there are very dim chances of being squashed. Another consideration is that these orders for arrests are issued in response to an evidence affidavit presented in court.

This means that the magistrate carefully studies the criminal matter before the warrant is granted. Only when the proof gathered by the sheriff’s deputies is enough to hold the accused guilty will a warrant be handed over to the police. Inquiries into the issue of Carroll County active warrants and arrest records can be initiated through the following agencies:

  • The police: 114 E 6th, Carroll, Iowa 51401
  • The judiciary: Given above
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 782, Carroll, Iowa 51401

Is it feasible to acquire information over the phone about Carroll County arrest warrants and recent arrests? (2021-Update)  

  • Inquiries pertaining to recent arrests: (712) 792-4394.
  • Requests for an arrest report: (712) 792-4393.
  • Inquiries from victims about the assistance available to them: (712) 792-8013.
  • Requests for criminal court records: (712) 792-4327.

Crime statistics of Carroll County

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office received a mere 6 criminal complaints in 2017. These were filed against 3 instances each of violent crime and property crime. Of the reported property offenses, 2 involved motor vehicle theft while 1 involved burglary.  Of the reported violent crimes, 1 was assault while 2 were rape.

Older crime statistics

For the last few years, Carroll County, Iowa’s crime rate has held around 200 cases per annum. These cases were not all filed against murders, assaults, and rapes. A violent crime made up only about 5% of this cumulative figure, while the remaining incidents were connected with property-related matters such as theft.

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