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Dallas County, Iowa, provides an easily accessible database to search for arrest records.Their website is highly navigable and user friendly.However, to do an arrest warrant search in Dallas County records, you may need to dig a little deeper and do a bit more work.

Arrests occur all the time in every jurisdiction throughout the United States.Recently, Dallas County crime statistics for a ten-year period revealed that there were more the 7100 crimes, out of which almost 500 were violent crimes.Your reason for searching for outstanding warrants may be in connection with a crime committed in the county or as part of a background inquiry on a prospective employee or tenant.Regardless of your reason for searching active warrants and arrest records, use the information collected only for proper purposes.

Although Dallas County makes searching for arrest records rather simple, finding information on arrest warrants is tougher.On a statewide level, the Criminal History Record Dissemination Unit of the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation has a few options for requesting Iowa criminal history records.Requests may be made by mail, fax, or in person at their office.Requests may also be made through the department’s website. The cost of an Iowa Criminal History Record Check from the DCI is $15.00. Questions regarding the method for obtaining Iowa criminal history record checks may be addressed by calling (515) 725-6066.Alternatively, you may send your inquiry by emailing cchinfo et dps.state.ia.us (requests for forms may be made this way also).

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has a civil division, which is another possible resource for information on warrants, court records and arrest records.That office receives, processes and serves civil and criminal court orders and legal documents. The Civil Division’s mailing address is Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, P.O. BOX 187, Adel, IA 50003, Attn: Civil Division.The phone number for the office is 515-993-6959, and their email is civil et co.dallas.ia.us.

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