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Every year in Cherokee County, there are, on average, about 140 crimes reported. Of those crimes, about 5 were violent crimes such as rape or homicide. Just in that statistic, there are about 140 reasons to consider an arrest warrant search in Cherokee County, IA. The Iowa Code, specifically Chapter 804, addresses arrest warrants in criminal actions. Under Chapter 804, if there is probable cause to believe an individual committed a specific offense, an arrest warrant may be issued. Defining probable cause is a bit tricky and has provided fodder for many appeals court arguments. The best way to describe it is as a group of reasonable and realistic facts and circumstances, with enough clout so that a reasonable person would believe a specific person committed a particular crime.

Knowing where the power to issue arrest warrants stems, it is also good to understand arrest warrants’ actual capabilities. Arrest warrants authorize law enforcement to take away an individual’s freedom by arresting him/her. It seems logical, then, that the best source of information on Cherokee County outstanding warrants and arrests would be Cherokee County law enforcement agencies.

The Cherokee County Sheriff enforces all of the state of Iowa’s laws, plus those of the county and area towns. They enforce traffic laws and handle cases involving theft, property crimes, domestic abuse, and other criminal matters. The Cherokee County sheriffs also serve various civil documents and all legal processes issued by the authorities. The sheriff’s office is also in charge of the Cherokee County Jail.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office is located at 111 North 5th Street, Cherokee, IA51012. Their telephone number is (712) 225-6737. Contacting their office by telephone is the place to start when looking for active warrant information in Cherokee County. They may also have information on arrest records and criminal background checks. Additionally, the county jail (telephone:(712) 225-6738) may provide information on those in custody under arrest warrants.

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