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There are numbers of reasons someone undertakes an arrest warrant search, and in Clinton County, IA, the reason is likely tied to a crime committed in the area. In one recent 10-year span, there were five murders, almost 60 rapes, and over 5,000 theft crimes. With a population of just under 50,000 people, it is understandable why some want information on arrests, warrants, and arrest records.

If you seek information on Clinton County arrest records and/or criminal backgrounds, access the information provided at Iowa’s Division of Criminal Investigation’s records check page ( It is not always easy to obtain arrest records, but the page provides easy access to the public about general criminal history information. A $15.00 per name search fee applies. Additionally, individuals may obtain more detailed criminal background information if the intended search subject executes a signed waiver.

Court records in Clinton County, IA, are maintained by the Clinton County Clerk of Courts. That office is responsible for everything filed in the courthouse and maintains the docket for all cases. Those who need to obtain copies of specific documents filed in a case must go through the Clerk of Courts’ office. Their phone number is (937) 382-2316, and they also have a website where records searches may be done on-line. Users must first go to will be directed to another page on which they may search by name, record type, and case number in the criminal and other divisions.

Many arrest warrants are issued at the very beginning of a case, just after the criminal act at issue occurred. Quite often, there are outstanding warrants that are months, or even years, old. The subjects of active warrants may have successfully eluded capture by law enforcement officers. Many live in our communities where no one is even aware of an outstanding arrest warrant with their name on it. There are even cases where the person named on an active warrant is unaware of the warrant’s existence.

To find information on outstanding arrest warrants in Clinton County, contact the sheriff. The sheriff’s office’s phone number is (563) 242-9211 or 1-800-462-6530, and they are located at 241 Seventh Avenue North in Clinton. Their website is

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