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The local police magnanimously offer the provision to conduct Dickinson County arrest warrant searches online. Available on their website is a list of all outstanding warrants from the area. While not a formal inquiry, you can find out about all suspects who have pending orders for arrests to their name, along with the description of the charges, information on the offender, and the IA arrest warrant.

Some of the oldest entries in the list go back to 2001, and you will find details on active warrants and bench orders for arrest from the downloadable file. The only problem is that there is no mention of Dickinson County arrest records in the offenders’ names on the list. This is where a regular crime history inquiry will help.

In other words, if an accused is done serving time for his crimes, you will not find out about his brush-in with the law through this list. For a complete background report, you will have to approach a state agency in person. Ideally, it would help if you went to the office of the county clerk.

Because this agency has information on criminal and civil case dockets, you stand to gain a lot more information through them than if you were to connect with another department. Of course, going to the police or the magistrate are other options to find details on warrants and arrests. The addresses of these government entities have been listed below.

Dickinson County, Iowa’s violent crime rates have shown a phenomenal decrease of over 170%. However, the same could not be said about an overall criminal activity, which moved in the opposite direction albeit at a slower pace, clocking in the growth of about 20%. Annually, about 150 criminal complaints are filed, but only about 5 of these cases are made against violent criminal acts.

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