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The term Buchanan County arrest warrant search is self-explanatory; it is clearly understood that what you will get in return for such an inquiry is information on all IA active warrants against the subject. However, most people fail to realize the weight that these legal orders have and their impact on an offender’s life.

Very different from all other instruments available to the judiciary, arrest warrants can be served in any part of the country, at any location, including the home of the accused, and at any time, be it day or night or even years after their release. This is what makes an active warrant an all-powerful order to have.

The police have to submit information on the crime to avail a decree of this nature. A proper declaration is drafted, which is meant to notify the magistrate of the criminal activity and the part played by the suspect in it. Information on the evidence that leads the police to assume culpability is also presented before the court.

This data is used to determine the probable cause, which is legally described as the evidence required to convince any person of sound mental reasoning of the fact that the alleged offender may have committed the crime. This is how orders for arrests are issued and executed. To find details on arrest records and outstanding warrants in Buchanan County, you will need to go to:

  • The police: 210 Fifth Ave NE, Independence, Iowa 50644
  • The judiciary: Given above
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 298, Independence, Iowa 50644

In the last few years, an annual crime rate of nearly 300 incidents was recorded in Buchanan County, Iowa. Of these criminal acts, only about 3% were violent crimes. The majority of these incidents were property-related and included such cases as thefts which logged in the highest incident rate at 100 complaints.

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