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A popular reason for launching an arrest warrant search in Keokuk County, IA, is to find information on the criminal transgressions in the past of an individual who has entered your personal life. With criminal occurrences and violence rampant across the country, this is a safety measure that you cannot forego.

Fortunately, the local cops and the judicial entities can come to your rescue when you need details on Keokuk County arrest records and outstanding warrants. Although it is normal for people to head directly to the local police station for criminal records-related inquiries, you could also visit the sitting judge’s offices and court clerk for such details.

The information furnished by judicial agencies will often be more extensive than the criminal background report offered by the cops. For instance, the county clerk’s department is an agency in charge of maintaining case records for the civil and criminal tribunals. This means that searching through their court dockets repository can get you details on criminal charges and civil matters in the subject’s name.

On the same lines, through the court of the magistrate, you can find details on the release of outstanding warrants, arrests that have occurred under these directives, disposition of the charges in court, sentencing, incarceration, and the release of other legal orders against the offender. To get hold of information on active warrants, you can contact these agencies at:

  • The sheriff: 204 S Stone St, Sigourney, Iowa 52591
  • The magistrate: 101 S Main St, Sigourney, IA 52591
  • The clerk of court: As above

Is it possible to obtain information about Keokuk County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)    

  • Information on arrests can be procured by calling 641- 622-2727.
  • Judicial records can be requested by calling 641-622-2210.
  • Victim’s services can be sought by calling 641-622-3500.

Crime statistics of Keokuk County

In 2017, over 50 crimes were reported in Keokuk County. Of these, 48 were property crimes and around 6 were violent crimes.

Property crimes included nearly 20 larceny-theft cases and over 22 burglary complaints, among others. The violent crime total included approximately 3 instances of aggravated assault and 3 cases of rape.

Older crime statistics

Keokuk County, Iowa, ranks high on the list of the safest neighborhoods in the state, with an annual crime average of just about 25 cases. While the exact yearly violent crime rate is not known, overall, there has been an increase of nearly 100% in such occurrences. Fortunately, reported crime dropped by a higher margin at 121%.

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