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So, you need to get a Delaware County arrest warrant search done? Do you know who to visit and how to go about the task? Sure, heading over to the police station is one way to find the required information but if you have an IA active warrant out against you, expect to be detained.

Also, even though several state agencies keep information about outstanding warrants from Delaware County and local arrest records, one department may be able to offer more extensive information than the other, depending on what you are looking for. Let us take the example of the sheriff’s office.

We all know that the police have been granted the authority to make arrests, so they will have all information about criminal matters where detention was ordered and details on how these cases ended. However, they will not tell you much about civil litigations in which various legal provisions were put to use.

For instance, if you need details on bench orders and active warrants from Delaware, you should approach the magistrate’s office or the county clerk. The court’s office clerk will let you access their court dockets database, which has information on criminal cases and civil matters. To get in touch with the agencies discussed above, go to:

  • The police: 304 E Delaware St, Manchester, Iowa 52057
  • The county clerk: PO Box 157, Manchester, Iowa 52057
  • The court of the magistrate: 301 E Main St, Manchester, IA 52057

How do you request information on County warrants and arrests over the phone? (As of 2021)    

  • Details on arrests can be obtained by calling the Delaware County Jail-563- 927-9203
  • Information on Delaware County outstanding warrants can be availed from the Sheriff’s Office- 563- 927-9203.
  • Information on victim’s advocacy and assistance can be sought by calling the Office of the Delaware County Attorney- 563-927-3819
  • Details about initiating a case search can be obtained from the Office of the Clerk of Court- 563-927-4942.

Crime statistics of Delaware County

In 2019, the Delaware Sheriff’s Department received 50 criminal complaints, compared to 100 in 2018. There reported incidents included 46 property offenses and 4 crimes against people.

Approximately 30 larceny-thefts, 7 burglaries, and 9 motor vehicle thefts were recorded as property offenses. Of the reported violent offenses, 1 was aggravated assault while 3 were rape.

Older crime statistics

About 800 criminal complaints were filed in Delaware County, Iowa, between 2001 and 2008. So, through this period, annually, about 100 crimes were reported, and about 15% of these were cases made against violent criminal acts. Overall, the county’s crime scene looks bleak, with a growth of almost 100% across all incident categories.

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