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The law of the state of Iowa requires that, when a crime is reported and then the criminal complaint is entered, if there is probable cause to believe that specific individuals did the crimes, a court may issue arrest warrants. Warrants direct law enforcement officers to take the person named into custody. Many times, the person sought by an outstanding warrant is quickly apprehended. However, sometimes an active warrant for someone may languish for a long time.

In Lyon County, IA, arrest warrant search options are not as modern as some other Iowa jurisdictions. The county has an official website, On the site, there is a link to the Lyon County sheriff. While the sheriff’s page has no direct listing of outstanding warrants in the county, there is some helpful information. Additionally, the office’s contact information is listed, and since any arrest warrant search will entail a telephone call or email, you will not get far without looking at the site.

The sheriff’s page also has a link to a “Press Release” page. The press releases may be an indirect but still viable route to obtaining some information on arrests and may also lead to discovering the names of those with arrest records. That page,, has the following proviso included: “A criminal charge is merely an accusation, and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.”The press release page at present has only a few items listed, but in any location where there is a crime, there are likely to be active warrants. From 2001 and 2008, Lyon County had almost 500 crimes reported to the authorities, of which about ten percent were violent crimes.

Many people give the gimlet eye to claims that there are people out there who are uncertain of their legal status to active warrants for their arrest. However, considering the period that sometimes elapses from a crime’s commission to a criminal’s apprehension, it is feasible that someone forgot there was a warrant with their name on it. Convenient memory loss is quite common, after all. Or, they may have been in a chemically impaired state when it all happened. They may also know they have outstanding warrants, but only with the passage of time and age do they finally feel the need to address them. The best thing for them to do to deal with Lyon County’s active warrants is to contact the county sheriff.

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