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If you have never conducted an arrest warrant search in Washington County, IA before, do not let the thoughts of running from one state office to another dissuade you. Many options are available for people who want to know about any active or outstanding warrants against their subjects’ names.

The simplest way to look for arrest records and warrants is to use an online criminal history database. However, this can seldom be found through a state agency, but if you are willing to approach a private information vendor, things can be simplified. For instance, if you fill the form you see on this web page, you can access a third-party repository of crime data.

The database includes information on the issue of active warrants as well arrest records from all 50 states. The extensive accumulation of crime details can be navigated using a handy search tool that requires you to input the subject’s name. However, you need to understand that the site’s information will be of no use if you try to use it in professional circles.

This means that if the purpose of your inquiry is official, you will have to do things the old school way and drive down to a state agency office. The judiciary and local law enforcement can provide details on arrests and outstanding warrants from Washington County. Still, the attributes only apply to criminal incidents within the area or at the most in the state of Iowa.

In either case, you will have to cough up a small fee and will only get details on criminal cases in return. However, if you approach the county clerk’s office through the justice center, you will be able to put the public service terminals in the building to use for your search. This is one of the best ways to look for information on Washington County arrest warrants as it is free, and as a bonus, you will also get details on civil cases. To connect with these agencies, you will have to go to:

  • The sheriff’s department: 2181 Lexington Blvd, PO Box 6, Washington, Iowa 52353
  • The magistrate’s court: 220 W Main St, Washington, IA 52353
  • The county clerk’s office: 222 West Main Street, Washington, Iowa 52353

How do you contact state agencies for an arrest report or details about warrants from Washington County over the phone? (Updated-2021) 

  • To find out about Washington County arrests, contact the local Jail- 319- 653-5902
  • To learn more about arrest warrants, contact the Sheriff’s Office-319- 653-2107.
  • To seek help offered to crime victims, contact the Washington County Attorney’s Office-319-653-7746.
  • To obtain a criminal background check or judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court-319-653-7741.

Crime statistics of Washington County

Washington County’s yearly crime rate decreased by 16% to 96 incidents in 2019. Of the cases reported, 35 were violent crimes.  These included 2 rape cases and 33 violent assaults. Larceny-theft was the subject of almost 27 of the property crime complaints, while burglaries were the subject of over 25 of them.

Older crime statistics

Over the eight years that ended in 2008, 1100 crime reports were filed in Washington County, Iowa. Of these complaints received by the local police, only about 250 were lodged in violent criminal matters, while the remaining cases were made up of property crimes. Through the time interval mentioned, there was a reduction of almost 30% in violent crime figures.

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