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Wouldn’t it be nice to undertake an arrest warrant search in Winnebago County, IA, which began and ended with the county sheriff’s office? Unfortunately, the sheriff’s webpage has no links to any outstanding warrant lists. As a part of the official county website, the Winnebago County sheriff has a webpage, Still, it contains little more than the email and telephone contact information for the sheriff’s office.


For a county that experienced fewer than 160 reported crimes from 2001 to 2008, there may not seem to be the need for a public list of outstanding warrants for arrests of individuals. However, at any point in time, even Winnebago County may have some active warrants.


Because counties are required by Iowa law to maintain and transmit to the Iowa Department of Public Safety all crime statistics, it follows that both the Winnebago County sheriff and the county court clerk would have relevant data, including active warrant information. So, you can contact the Winnebago County court clerk regarding outstanding arrest warrants. You can also connect with the sheriff regarding inquiries into arrests and warrants.


The state of Iowa’s Criminal History Record Dissemination Unit (, a part of Iowa’s Department of Public Safety, has arrest records and conviction records on file and dispenses to the public only that information not requiring a waiver for release signed by the subject of the search, as provided by Chapter 692.2 of the Code of Iowa.The DCI site posts the following disclaimer:


The completeness of our criminal history data is dependent upon the information submitted by the law enforcement agencies and clerks of court throughout the state of Iowa. Therefore, the DCI cannot guarantee or certify that a person has not been arrested or convicted in Iowa.


Thus, while the site may provide useful information on Winnebago County warrants, always treat that information with caution.

How do you obtain details pertaining to Winnebago County warrants and arrests? (Revised in 2021)      

  • Detainees are taken to the Winnebago County Jail, so to ask about recent arrests, call 641- 585-3632.
  • The Sheriff’s Deputies handle all warrants, so for a warrant search, call 641- 590-4493.
  • The Sheriff’s Detectives handle the investigation of all crimes, so for an arrest report/accident records, call 641- 585-2828.
  • The Winnebago County Attorney’s Office provides help to crime victims, so for victim’s assistance, call 641-585-0020
  • The Clerk of Court handles all judicial records, so for a case search, call 641-585-4520.

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