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Although the circumstances surrounding criminal matters, arrests, and warrants are often quite complicated, a Woodbury County arrest warrant search is simple and straightforward. The Woodbury County Sheriff gathered all the information required for obtaining data on both active warrants and arrest records in one place, https://www.woodburycountyiowa.gov/departments/sheriff.

On that page, which is part of the main official Woodbury County website, users have the option of searching for outstanding warrants, along with applying for a gun permit and searching jail records. Clicking on the “Warrants” tab brings up a new page with an alphabetical by last name list of individuals with active arrest warrants in Woodbury County. The list also includes:

  • the warrant’s issue date
  • the charges against the individual
  • the bond amount
  • the individual’s address
  • the individual’s race
  • the individual’s sex
  • the individual’s age
  • the individual’s height and weight
  • the individual’s eye and hair color

There is also an option to search the list using the name, booking date, and charge.

To find out about Woodbury County arrests and who is in custody at the Woodbury County Jail, check out the county sheriff’s website. From the sheriff’s webpage (https://www.woodburycountyiowa.gov/departments/sheriff), click on “Jail Search.”A list of inmates, including names, booking date, charges, and bond amount, appears, plus a photo of each inmate. By clicking “Select” in the box next to an inmate’s photograph, searchers have access to details regarding the inmate, including the Court/Bond Case number and the charges brought against the inmate.

Is it possible to obtain information about Woodbury County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)  

  • For recent arrests-related questions, call 712- 279-6040.
  • For general inquiries, call 712- 279-6510.
  • For arrest warrants-related questions, call 712- 279-6010.
  • For judicial records-related questions, call 712-279-6611.
  • For victim’s support-related questions, call 712-279-6516.

Crime statistics of Woodbury County

Almost 208 criminal complaints were handled by the Sheriff’s Department of Woodbury County in 2019. Of the complaints lodged, around 186 were against property crimes. This category included 78 cases of larceny-theft, 98 cases of burglary, and 10 cases of motor vehicle theft. The complaints against violent crimes were attributed to 19 instances of aggravated assault and 3 rapes.

Approximately 5000 crimes occur in Woodbury County, Iowa, each year. There are, on average, 26 murders per year. There are also almost 530 rapes per year, on average. Aside from violent crimes, Woodbury County experiences more than 34,000 thefts per annum. The largest city in Woodbury County is Sioux City, but crime occurs throughout the county. However, some need information on arrest warrants beyond the boundaries of Woodbury County. For statewide criminal history information, the best source to turn to is the IA Department of Criminal Investigation, or DCI, (https://dps.iowa.gov/divisions/criminal-investigation/criminal-history/record-check-forms), which provides several methods by which to request Criminal history records for Iowa.

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