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If you take a quick look at the crime rates of Plymouth County, an arrest warrant search will not seem like a futile endeavor to you. One could go far enough to suggest that this is an essential requirement to keep antisocial elements away from your workplace and home. To this end, here is information on some of the IA state agencies that can get you details on active warrants.

The police: The sheriff’s department will approach the court with a petition for warrant issues when such a judicial directive is needed. Whether to go for a judicial arrest order or not is based on specific circumstances.

Generally, when an offense is not committed because of a police officer or when the suspect cannot be apprehended from the crime scene or right after the incident has occurred, an arrest warrant will be sought. For Plymouth County’s active warrants for arrests to be released, the police have to present all information on the criminal instance held by them in front of the bench.

The magistrate’s court: Upon presenting the declaration of probable cause, the court convenes to deliberate on the information and determine if there is reasonable cause to hold the accused guilty for the criminal infraction brought to light by the police.

The sitting judge has to sign an arrest warrant for it to go into effect. The court will maintain information on all detention orders and other judicial directives issued. This includes bench warrants, subpoenas, summons, and more.

The county clerk: The clerk of the court’s office sends its deputies to the tribunal to record the court dockets. So, this agency is also kept in the loop about any Plymouth County outstanding warrants that have yet to be served, along with the arrest records maintained by the police in connection to the execution of an order.

These agencies can be contacted at:

  • The sheriff’s department: 451 14th Avenue NE, Le Mars, Iowa 51031
  • The magistrate’s court: 215 4th Ave SE, Le Mars, IA 51031
  • The county clerk’s office: 215 Fourth Avenue South East, Le Mars, Iowa 51031

The crime scenario in Plymouth County has deteriorated markedly in the ten years from 1999 to 2008, with violent criminal incidents and reported crimes showing a growth of 100%. Every year through this period, an estimated 250 criminal complaints were lodged with the local police.

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