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When you do an arrest warrant search in Mills County, IA, you can get information on the past arrest records of a person and any outstanding warrants in the name of this subject almost instantly. In fact, if you connect with the right agency, you can even find details on all civil litigations that bear the name of the subject.

In order to approach the appropriate state department, you will need to know about the agencies that contribute towards the release of Mills County arrest warrants and how these orders come into being. Detention directives are issued by local tribunals with criminal jurisdiction. However, they call for the direct involvement of the police in the matter.

The sheriff’s department files an affidavit with the court, offering a detailed explanation of the crime and the evidence gathered by them. This information is used at the pre-warrant hearing to ensure that there is probable cause to suspect the involvement of the accused in the criminal act.

The county clerk’s office also puts in its presence through the trial because this agency is responsible for keeping the court dockets. However, case records are only maintained if a Mills County active warrant is granted. Eventually, information about case disposition and sentencing is also added to this file. So, to look for details on arrests and detention decrees, you can go to:

  • The sheriff’s: 23 N Vine, Glenwood, Iowa 51534
  • The magistrate’s: 418 Sharp St, Glenwood, IA 51534
  • The county clerk’s: 418 Sharp Street, Glenwood, Iowa 51534

The Mills County, Iowa police get no less than 260 complaints against criminal occurrences; however, only about 8% of these cases are filed in matters that would qualify as violent crimes. In the nine years from 2001 to 2008, violent criminal complaints rose by almost 0% while overall criminal activity showed a growth of over 60%.

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