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In Cedar County, an arrest warrant search is made possible through the efforts of the police as well as the judiciary. Both wings of the local justice network contribute towards the data and the efforts that it takes to issue active warrants. The cops have the job of approaching an IA court with an affidavit that details the criminal act and the role of the suspect in it.

The role of the judiciary involves studying the details put before the court and impartially deciding on whether the proof can stand on its own during the trial and is enough to convince anybody that the police had good reason to hold the accused responsible for the crime. This is known as establishing probable cause.

Only if the magistrate can see eye to eye with the police on the matter will he/she sign the arrest warrant. This is one of the primary reasons why not all warrant requests are granted. The judge is not working on the side of the police. His responsibility is to ascertain that the rights of the suspect are not infringed on and that the case has enough merit to justify the involvement of the state in the matter.

Given the fact that the judiciary and law enforcement work hand in hand when it comes to the release of Cedar County outstanding warrants, you can search for information on these ordersand arrest records through the police department, the office of the county clerk or the magistrate’s court. To initiate the inquiry into arrests and warrants, you will need to visit these agency offices in person at:

  • The sheriff: 711 E South St, Tipton, Iowa 52772
  • The magistrate: 400 Cedar St, Tipton, IA 52772
  • The clerk of court: 400 Cedar Street, Tipton, Iowa 52772-1752

Of the approximately 70 criminal complaints lodged with the police of Cedar County, Iowa, every year only about 6 complaints are made pertaining to violent acts while the maximum number of complaints are filed against property crimes. At first glance, these figures paint a rosy picture but there has been a growth of almost 100% in violent crime and over 50% in reported crime in the last few years.

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