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State laws allow for the dissemination of criminal history information among the public at large. In keeping with this, you can initiate an arrest warrant search in Jefferson County, IA, through the police, the county clerk’s office, or the magistrate’s court. Because all three agencies participate in issuing active warrants, they have almost similar amounts of information on these detention directives.

However, what should attract your attention is the additional data that each of these agencies can offer. This information can make your search more fruitful. For instance, when you walk through the sheriff’s office corridors, you will find information on other criminals because they often put up their most-wanted lists on notice boards for everybody to see.

Similarly, reach the magistrate’s office in your quest for data on Jefferson County arrest records and outstanding warrants. You will find ancillary information that pertains to the issue of other legal provisions against the subject. Since the magistrate’s court issues all judicial directives, including bench warrants, subpoenas, and criminal summons, you can find data on all of these from them.

Finally, the office of the county clerk is home to the court dockets database. This is the repository that contains information on every case that the tribunals in the area ever heard. This means that you do not just stand to get details on warrants and arrests from this agency but also on civil cases.

  • The Police: 1200 W Grimes Ave, Fairfield, Iowa 52556
  • The court: 51 W Briggs Ave, Fairfield, IA 52556
  • The clerk of court: Given above

Who should you contact if you need information about recent arrests and warrants in Jefferson County? (In the year 2021)     

  • For active warrants information, call 641- 472-4146
  • For recent arrests data and prisoner arrest records, call 641- 472-3967.
  • For details about victim’s assistance, call 641-472-9201
  • For criminal case court dates and criminal judicial records, call 641-472-3454.

Crime statistics of Jefferson County

The Sheriff’s Office of Jefferson County handled approximately 28 criminal matters in 2019. Of the complaints filed, more than 25 were against property crimes, while the rest were against violent crimes.

Instances of larceny theft had the highest occurrence rate at more than 12 complaints/annum, while burglary cases came in a close second with approximately 11 cases filed yearly against such crimes. 

Older crime statistics

There was a reduction of almost 15% in the violent and overall crime rates of Jefferson County, Iowa. Yet, over 350 criminal cases are filed in the area every year. In almost half of these incidents, the victim is targeted when he is very close to his office or home.

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